August and butterfly season is winding down, so I was delighted to see, for the first time in my life, a comma butterfly, I recognised immediately because of the cover of my 'Pocket Guide to the Butterlfies of Britain and Ireland' so this has to be my first pick, this August. The second is "How to Save Your Planet, One Object at a Time" which I am finding a helpful start in my own efforts to try live a more sustainable life. My third pick is the wonderful ‘Four Letters of Love’ by Niall Williams, soon to be a movie, with Helena Bonham Carter, Pierce Brosnan and Gabrielle Byrne. I listened on audible and then decided to adopt a copy of the paperback, to cherish for life. Now, eagerly awaiting the screen adaption! I then discovered ‘In Kiltumper’ by Niall Williams and Christine Breen, which is a moving and somewhat heartbreaking (due to recent developments they mention in the book) account of their life in rural Clare. I chose the hardback as it has a beautiful endpaper and charming sketches by Christine. My fifth and final pick is a slim volume of poetry Rose Kavanagh and Her Verses, including her poem 'Meeting Hopes and Doubts and Dreaming' (excerpt) "...But amid the fragrant heather, Who would not be brave and free, Where the mere delight of living, Has enraptured bird and bee?... which sums up how I feel on my local walks on Howth Summit!

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